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Everything You Should Know About a Lash Lift and Tint

Love having long, fluffy lashes, but hate the cost, time, and upkeep associated with lash extensions? If so, treating your natural lashes to a lash lift and tint may be the perfect solution to achieve your eyelash goals!

Join us as we dive into the world of lash lifting and tinting. We love this lash treatment and know that you will too!

What is a lash lift and tint?

If you’re not familiar, a lash lift and tint is a simple and painless process. Your lash technician will carry out a perm-like process on your lashes that allow them to stay lifted and fluffy throughout their natural growth cycle.

After the lift process, we recommend a tint to give your lashes that dark mascara look. A tint temporarily pigments your lashes to enhance their look.

How long does the lash lift and tint session take?

The duration of your lift and tint procedure will depend on a few things – primarily the experience your lash tech has with the process. On average, the lifting process will take around 45 minutes with the lift and tint together taking around an hour to complete. Although this process may take a little bit of time to complete, the good news is that there is absolutely no down time associated with a lash lift and tint, meaning that you can easily jump back into the day-to-day activities you have planned following your appointment.

How long do the results of a lash lift and tint last?

Surprisingly enough, the length of results that you experience from your lash lift and tint are heavily dependent on your hair's natural growth cycle. The perming process that happens on your lashes will remain there permanently until your eyelashes naturally shed and new lashes take its place. Because of this, everyone's lash lift experience may be a little different in terms of longevity. On average, you can expect results to last between 6 to 8 weeks, returning for your next lift in 8 weeks.

lash tint before and after

What are the benefits of a lash lift and tint?

Below we have listed some of our favorite benefits that come with getting a lash lift and tint treatment.

Your eyelashes have a beautiful darker look to them

Some of us have lighter lashes, and while these lashes are beautiful in their own way, they can often require the use of mascara and other makeup products to fully bring their beauty to its full potential. With a lift and tint, not only are you enhancing the length, fullness and separation of your lashes, you’re making them darker and more noticeable.

A lifted and fuller appearance to your lashes

On top of a darker, bolder look, your lifted lashes will visibly look fuller without the need for mascara. Your lash lift and tint will leave you looking bold and beautiful without the addition of makeup products and accessories. If you still opt to use makeup, you’ll just need to wait 24 hours after the treatment process!

There is no damage to your eyelashes

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, products like lash extension, falsies, and mascara aren't overly bad for your eyes, but the reduction of chemical exposure that comes with getting a lash lift and tint means less damage and strain to your eyelashes.

What to know before booking a lash lift and tint appointment

We’ve compiled a few tips that we feel are important to know in order to get the best experience possible.

Are there any prep tips you should know about?

There are! Thankfully, preparing for your lift and tint session is simple: keep your lashes clean and free of makeup while also avoiding oil based makeup products for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Otherwise, just show up and your lash tech will take great care of you!

How can you take the best care of your lash lift and tint?

The rules for caring for your newly lifted lashes are pretty simple for best results! One of the biggest aftercare tips is to avoid getting your lashes wet within 24 hours of your service. Additionally, it is good lash care practice to avoid rubbing or applying any pressure to your lashes when possible. Eye makeup is fine after the 24 hour mark following your lash lift session. Sleep on your back the first night after the treatment. We’ll give you a post care card and explain the instructions to you as well!

When looking for a lash lift and tint, look no further than Flourish Aesthetics!

Your skin is just as important to us as your time. Here at Flourish Aesthetics, we’re excited to offer a range of services to fit your skincare needs and goals. From facials to lash lifts, our goal is to make you look and feel radiant. You can find a full list of our treatments, as well as our online booking link to book your appointment at your convenience!


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