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Sugaring vs Waxing: Which Is Better For Your Skin?

There are a lot of different options for hair removal today. From lasers to electrodes, waxing, sugaring and more, we’re experts at removing your unwanted body hair. Two of the oldest techniques, sugaring and waxing, consistently rise to the top as the most popular.

People frequently compare sugaring and waxing in the world of hair removal services. On the surface, there are some similarities. Both remove hair from below the skin’s surface using a sticky substance and exfoliate it at the same time.

We’re exploring the differences between these two hair removal methods today, and why we love sugaring so much. We’ll discuss the main differences and benefits and drawbacks so you can decide which is best for you!

What are the main differences between sugaring and waxing?

As two of the most popular hair removal techniques, sugaring, and waxing are everywhere. The main differences, though, are significant. Different ingredients and application techniques provide essentially the same result. However, the differences make these treatments unique.


The ingredients in sugaring and waxing are different

Sugaring is one of the oldest methods for hair removal. Using water, sugar, and lemon, sugar paste is a caramel-like product that is used to “mold” and “flick” off of the skin. Sugar paste is mixed. Any residual sugar can easily be removed with a warm towel. 

sugaring paste

Wax for hair removal falls into two categories, hard and soft. Hard wax is usually a simple recipe, including beeswax and resin. It’s gentler on the skin and doesn’t require a strip to remove. Soft waxes require cloths or paper strips for removal but are similar. With waxing, any residual product needs to be removed with oil and can be a more tedious process.

Application of sugaring is different than waxing

Another significant difference between sugaring and waxing is the application.

With sugaring, your esthetician will apply the sugaring paste against the grain of the hair from the bottom up. This allows the sugar to melt into the hair follicle and wrap around the hair for effective extraction. Once it’s applied, the technician flicks the sugar off in the direction of hair growth.

Hard wax goes with the grain from the top down. After application, the wax is removed against the grain.

The benefits of sugaring

Aside from being a natural way to remove hair, sugaring is also gentler than waxing and not hot, so it cannot burn or lift the skin. Sugaring is also great for most skin types!

Sugaring tends to be less painful than other methods

While this will vary from person to person, sugaring is often less painful than waxing. That’s not to say it’s painless. We’re still removing hair by the root. Sugar paste isn’t heated like hard wax,  just to body temperature so the sugaring paste will not burn or lift the skin.

Sensitive skin is perfect for sugaring

Natural ingredients, not being hot and more gentle on the skin, make sugaring excellent for those with sensitive skin. It gently removes dead skin cells leaving glowing, smooth skin.

Intimate areas like the bikini line respond well to sugaring, too!

Hair as short as ⅛ of an inch can be removed with sugaring

Waxing requires hair between ¼ to ½ inch long to be effective. For some of us, that’s just too long for hair in visible areas. Sugaring works on hair as short as ⅛ inch, perfect for visible areas. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, we recommend 14 days of hair growth for best treatment.

The benefits of waxing

One of the most popular methods of hair removal, waxing is everywhere! Perfect for removing hair over a large area, this technique deeply exfoliates the skin.

sugaring vs waxing

It’s easy to find a waxer near you

Waxing is a standard offering in most salons because of its popularity and ease of application. Since the 1960s, waxing has been seen as a quick and effective way to remove body hair. Most esthetician schools teach waxing as their primary approach, so there are just more trained techs out there.

Most offer everything from eyebrow waxing to Brazilian waxing.

Long-lasting hair removal, similar to sugaring

Waxing removes hair from the root, just like sugaring. It’s a more effective approach to hair removal than shaving or creams, hands down. Once you’ve got all your hair on the same growth cycle, the effects last longer, from four to six weeks on average.

Another benefit is that after several sessions, hair either stops growing back or thins out as the follicles stop producing hair.

Which hair removal method is better for you? 

Beauty treatments are a personal thing that most of us choose for our own reasons. If you’re looking for a gentler, all-natural experience, sugaring is a better option.

Wax is much more mainstream thanks to popular culture and availability. With so many varieties and application techniques, it’s easy to personalize.

How experienced are the professionals in your area?

Choosing which treatment modality to pursue can be as easy as looking around your area.

You may have several spas close to you that offer both treatments. In that case, we suggest giving sugaring a try and seeing which you prefer! You may even find that different techniques work best on different body parts.

Is your skin sensitive to heat and pain?

Each of us has a different pain tolerance and unique sensitivities to heat. Listen to your body when choosing the right hair removal techniques. Highly sensitive people may prefer sugaring to waxing because it is at room temperature and a more gentle technique.

Flourish Aesthetics is here to introduce the wonderful experience of sugaring!

Flourish Aesthetics provides a relaxing environment focused on holistic skin treatments. At our studio, we offer full body sugaring for women as well as custom luxury facials, dermaplaning, lash lifts and more. We’re committed to letting your natural beauty shine through! Sugaring is just one of the many ways we pamper your skin. Our luxury facials will leave you glowing!

If you’re excited to try sugaring, book your appointment through our website today!


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