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Temporarily tint your lashes or eyebrows for up to 4 weeks of beautiful color. Great for summer time, or if filling in your brows is too much for your busy life!


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Enhance your natural lashes with a lash lift! This treatment is customized to your lashes to lift and separate them at the base, giving your natural lashes a boost that lasts 6-8 weeks.

Before treatment 

Please come in without eye makeup. If you wear contacts, they will need to be removed for the treatment.

Does a lash lift hurt?

No, the procedure is totally painless. Your eyes will be closed for the entire treatment and although it may feel a little strange being unable to open your eyes for this time, it offers you a chance to relax during the treatment.

Is it safe?

Yes. The procedure is performed with the utmost care and precise technique. The product never touches the skin during the process. Lashes are lifted on our specially shaped lifting silicone pads before products are applied. Because the solution is only applied to the base of the lashes a reaction is incredibly rare. Redness around the eye may occur due to the product removal process (wiping the eyes with cotton rounds) but should disappear within a few minutes after the procedure. If you are concerned you may have a reaction you can ask for a patch test prior to making an appointment. 

Will it damage my lashes?

No. Our lash lift artists are certified and skilled to maintain the integrity of the lashes and we use the highest quality lash lifting products available only to professionals. Without a certification or a practitioner that uses improper technique yes we have seen photos and heard stories of lash lifts that have damaged lashes. 

How long does the process take?

A lash lift takes approximately 45 minutes.


How long does the lift last?

A Lash Lift can last 6-8 weeks but can vary from person to person. There is no need for any maintenance appointments in between but you will need to have the process repeated every 8 weeks to lift the new hair growth. There are some situations that may cause the lift to drop/weaken prematurely such as swimming, use of harsh products or heat. If you find that your lift does not last the full 2 months, you can repeat the treatment after a minimum of 7-8 weeks of having the initial treatment, but not before.

Can I wear makeup after my appointment?

Yes but it is best that you leave your lashes untouched for at least 24 hours after your treatment. You may find that there is no need for mascara, but if you wish to make your lashes even fuller, a non-waterproof mascara is advised as the removal of waterproof mascaras can be harsh on the lashes and weaken the lift.


Although it is impossible to list every potential risk and complication, the following conditions are recognized as contraindications for the Lash Lift and Tint treatment and must be disclosed prior to the treatment:

  • Eye Infections/disorders

  • Recent Eye Surgery

  • Allergy to product

  • Very sensitive eyes

  • Hay fever sufferers/watery eyes

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Stye

  • Dry Eye Syndrome

  • Using prescribed medicated eye drops

  • Pregnancy – during the 1st trimester

  • Medication – Thyroxin (in some cases can prevent lashes from curling)

  • Contact Lenses – must be removed



  • Keep your lashes dry and free of makeup for 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Avoid any oil based creams and lotions for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Avoid heat. From the sun, stove, oven, sauna etc for the first 24 hours.

  • Do not use waterproof mascara.

  • Do not irritate or rub your eyes while you have a Lash Lift.

  • Sleep on your back to avoid damaging lashes and effecting the lift.

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