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Winter Dry Skin Tips!

It's almost December and the weather is getting chillier! If you're feeling dry, make sure you're doing all of these steps to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated!

1. Get a humidifier or diffuser to use in your bedroom.

I use a diffuser with lavender and a few other essential oils to help me sleep, but a humidifier also helps to hydrate your skin. Not just your face, but your whole body! It can also help with winter nose bleeds, you heal faster from sickness, and even help alleviate snoring.

2. Don't skip exfoliation!

We all get relaxed in our skin care regimen. But it's so important year-round, and especially when you are feeling dry to exfoliate your skin regularly. If you don't currently exfoliate, start every other day (morning or night) and then work your way up to everyday. This time of year I love my A Natural Difference Skincare Cranberry Scrub which not only smells festive, but also contains zeolites from volcanic ash which exfoliate and detoxify my skin without putting micro-tears in my skin like some non-round granules can.

3. Layer a hyaluronic serum under your moisturizer.

Hyaluronic acid binds 1,000 times it's weight in moisture to your skin. Adding a serum (which has smaller molecules) that contains this ingredient under your moisturizer can greatly help to hydrate your skin! Hydrotant Gel and Hydro-Lane both contain this ingredient. A must have for my skin during the winter!

4. Add more healthy fats to your diet.

Adding avocado, nuts, seeds and some healthy coconut oil can help hydrate, plump and keep your skin clear from within.

5. Use a hydrating masque twice a week.

Masques are an extra bonus to your skin care regimen. They keep your skin looking extra amazing! I love A.N.D. Mineral Enzyme Masque for hydrating oily or breakout prone skin, Hydrotant Marine Masque for just about any skin type, and Revitalizing Masque which increases circulation for a rosy boost!

I hope these tips help you keep beautiful skin well into spring!

Kayla Marie

Updated 11/29/17

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