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What is Sugaring? Long-Lasting Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin

If you haven't noticed, pop culture seems to resurface in different ways throughout time. Whether it’s a recycled fashion trend, bringing a new life to classic games, or making a spinoff of an old fad, there always seems to be something resurfacing from our past.

Within the beauty industry, though, the process of sugaring has been in use for thousands of years. This beauty staple can be traced back to ancient Egyptian cultural practices as they were the first to believe that having no body hair was the epitome of beauty. Now, this beauty staple has become a trusted alternative to other hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving.

If you’re interested in learning about sugaring and how easy it is, just keep reading!

What makes sugaring so different from other body hair removal methods?

There’s nothing like getting your favorite morning beverage and heading off to a hair removal appointment. Sugaring is one of the best waxing methods. It’s an all-natural, instantly hygienic form of waxing–better for those with sensitive skin or other skin concerns.

what is sugaring

Sugaring can take several passes across the skin

Relatively painless, sugaring is known to eventually remove most hairs from the root, making life that much more enjoyable. Longer sessions between sugaring? We love to see it! Sugaring is the perfect method for individuals with sensitive skin who dread getting waxed or have had a negative experience with a prior waxing experience.

Sugaring doesn't adhere to live skin cells, like waxing

To add to the positives for those with sensitive skin, the reason why the sugaring process needs more passes to effectively remove all of your unwanted body hair is that the sugary paste does not adhere to the skin as some waxes do. While the paste may seem sticky, it simply adheres to the shaft of any new hair growth and surrounds it, allowing the paste to grip the hair and remove it from the root.

Applied in the opposite direction of your hair growth, the opposite of waxing

Another difference in the process, when compared to wax, is that the sugar paste is applied in the direction opposite of your hair growth. When it is time to flick the sugaring paste in order to remove the hair, it is pulled in the same direction as your hair growth – the complete opposite of how a professional wax is done. This reduces breakage and ingrown hairs that are often experienced with waxing. The process is completed transversely to waxing because the sugar paste needs to surround all sides of the hair, making it easier to bind with the shaft and remove directly from the follicle.

How does the process of sugaring work?

The process is straightforward when you come in for a sugaring appointment. If you’ve never had a sugaring appointment, don't stress about it! We’ve put together a step-by-step guide so you know exactly what to expect when arriving at your appointment.

Once you arrive at your appointment, your esthetician will either have a pre-made sugaring mixture or have created their own. If a mix was made fresh on the spot, it would consist of lemon juice, sugar, and water. This simple, limited ingredient recipe makes the paste a safe and effective hair-removal process for those with sensitive skin. We are so glad to offer a thorough consultation to help you make you feel comfortable and will guide you through the process.

In short, flickering motions, the sugar mixture is applied like wax and removed

Once the paste is ready, your technician will begin by applying the sugaring paste to your skin. The paste is spread out in a similar way to how hard wax would be applied to the skin. Since there is no “hardening” that takes place, the wax is simply flicked off and reapplied until the desired unwanted hair has been removed from the area.

The length of the appointment can vary depending on the area of the body being sugared

We briefly discussed how sugaring takes a bit more time than waxing due to the technique being used. As such, the length of your appointment is determined by the area of the body being treated. Everyone’s body hair has different thickness, lengths, and volumes. For some folks, their appointment may take 15 minutes, and for others, 30.

Flourish Aesthetics will guide you through your first sugaring appointment!

Since life is always so busy and fast-paced, we want to give people the opportunity to look and feel their best, all while curating an environment where my customers feel both relaxed and pampered. Sugaring is a fun, safe alternative to waxing that leaves unnecessary pain and redness in the past. Join us at Flourish Aesthetics in achieving your skincare goals with a safe, natural solution to hair removal!


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