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Customized Facials for All of Your Skin Concerns

If you could pick your favorite self-care activity, would it involve relaxation and being pampered? Maybe a little spa day with your best friends to unwind, or a results-oriented, relaxing facial after a hard day at work is your go-to. If taking care of your skin is one of your top priorities, we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you. And if you’re just getting started with skincare, we’re so glad you’re here! Let’s dive into the necessity of customized facials and how you can use them to shift your skin health for the better.

Why are customized facials so beneficial to your skincare routine?

customized facials

If you don't know what skin care regimen is best for you, you've come to the right place. There’s no special formula or one size fits all routine that’s going to address your skin's very specific needs. Our individualist approach with customized facials makes skin treatments available and widely accessible to people of all skin types. So if you haven’t found a facial that gives you the results you desire, there’s still hope for an amazing facial and beautiful skin!

A thorough consultation with your esthetician will help target and address your specific skin concerns

If you’ve worked with an esthetician before without a thorough consultation, that’s a red flag. The consultation as part of your facial with your esthetician sets the foundation for your treatment plan. By discussing your skin history, current home care routine and current facial treatment plan (if any), you give your esthetician little pieces to the puzzle of your biology and skin goals. It helps them paint a clear picture of your skin health and what it might be missing.

Customized facials give your esthetician the opportunity to individualize your treatment plan

In a very real and biological sense, there’s no one quite like you. No one has your genetics, the specific bacteria that live on your skin, or the UV or air pollution exposure that you’ve experienced where you live. You’ve gone on your own journey with your skin, and the only person that knows what that journey entails is you.

Customized facials are so essential because your esthetician has the opportunity to discuss that journey and those impactful factors (for better or worse) with you–adding certain modalities or advanced treatments to target specific concerns for your skin.

Your esthetician helps you identify better products to add to your routine for better results

Estheticians have dedicated hundreds and even thousands of hours to developing their specialty and connecting with continuing education opportunities. Working with an esthetician means tons of skin care expertise and research.

Our custom Clear + Glow Facial with so many benefits

The most popular facial we offer to our clients is our Clear + Glow Facial created to help treat acne, soothe redness and irritation, lighten discolorations, slow aging, improve dryness and more.

The Clear & Glow Facial is an elevated version of the customized Hydrojelly Mask facial. This lifting and sculpting facial includes an enzyme exfoliation, face, neck and décolleté massage to help with circulation. Offering LED light therapy and cryotherapy, this treatment calms and cools the skin post extractions and finishes with a nourishing Hydrojelly masque to keep your skin cool, relaxed, and hydrated.

Transform your skin with Flourish Aesthetics!

At Flourish Aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the skincare education and resources they need to succeed in the goals they have for their skin. If you’re ready to redefine your skin health and dive into the supple, collagen-rich world that customized facials provide, we’re ready for you! Head over to our website to schedule your New Client Facial (consultation included) today!


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