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The Dermaplaning Benefits That Propel Your Skincare Goals

It’s time to kick up your feet and do a little something for yourself. And if you’ve been putting off the skincare treatments you’ve been looking forward to due to their invasive or expensive nature, take a seat. We’re here to show you why dermaplaning is the go-to skincare service of the year (every year).

What is dermaplaning and why is it so popular?

You have a choice in almost everything you do. We can help you care for your skin and give you a results-oriented skin care routine to meet your needs! All it takes is a fabulous esthetician to give you those pro tips, patience, and a little magic.

A skincare treatment that leaves you feeling brand new

Of all the skin care treatments available, dermaplaning remains at the top of the list. How can a skin care treatment that is so simplistic have such impactful results? The dermaplaning process uses a sterile surgical blade to work on exfoliating and removing your skin's top layer of dead cells and fine hairs (peach fuzz).

How invasive is dermaplaning?

Not only is dermaplaning minimally invasive, but it also works harder than other treatments to diminish any appearance of scarring, imperfections, and uneven tone and texture. Part of this comes from the nature of the treatment – the surgical scalpel used is an excellent manual exfoliator that boasts a slew of benefits that can often only be attained through invasive procedures.

Is dermaplaning going to hurt?

Dermaplaning is safe for all skin types. There are certain facial treatments that are risky for people with varying skin conditions, but because of dermaplaning’s non-invasive nature, it’s a quick and easy treatment that instantly improves the feel and overall look of your skin. Dermaplaning isn’t painful, but for those with active acne lesions or other contraindications cannot receive the treatment.

dermaplaning treatment

The benefits of dermaplaning

The world of esthetics is vast and filled with lots of skin related promises. If you’ve tried a few skin care treatments and weren’t keen on their benefits, dermaplaning can show you how it’s done.

Refined and restored skin that glows beautifully

Dead skin cells and debris can accumulate on the surface of your skin, causing your skin to feel rough, textured, and sometimes discolored. Dermaplaning aids in the restoration of your skin as it creates improved absorption of your skin care products. With your skin care products working to reach a greater depth, dermaplaning enables you to get every single benefit of each ingredient and essential protein.

Does dermaplaning aid in the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and evening of texture?

Dermaplaning is also one of the most effective treatments for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. Your esthetician will carefully move the dermaplaning tool back and forth across the skin, scraping away any debris, dirt, and dead skin cells. The result? Collagen stimulation and the supple, radiant effect that follows.

Say goodbye to peach fuzz and hello to radiance

Vellus hair is part of being human. No matter what your hormones are doing, everybody has peach fuzz at one point or another. Sometimes it’s a little more excessive than others.

Saying goodbye to your peach fuzz means saying hello to a more deeply hydrated and smooth era for your skin. Instead of the active ingredients in your serums and moisturizers sitting on the top layer of your skin, they’ll finally have the chance to penetrate your skin on a deeper level.

What can you expect after your Dermaplaning session?

After your dermaplaning session, make sure to protect your skin from the sun and avoid wearing makeup or touching your face for the first few days. Knowing how to take care of your skin after your dermaplaning session is what leads you to successful healing and skin regeneration.

You can expect your makeup to glide on smoother and easier

Whether you’re a beauty blender person or a kabuki brush girl, applying your foundation and blush can be a whole challenge on textured skin of any kind as acne, scarring, and peach fuzz make it extra difficult. After your dermaplaning session, you might notice that your foundation goes on a little smoother on the new, silky-smooth surface of your skin.

You will probably notice smaller, clearer pores

As your skin begins to heal from your dermaplaning session, you will likely notice that your pores become smaller and more clear of debris. Exfoliation helps to open and eradicate any lingering dirt and oil from deep within your pores, decreasing the likelihood of acne and irritation.

Choose Flourish Aesthetics for all your dermaplaning dreams!

At Flourish Aesthetics, we are so fortunate to connect with so many people from all walks of life. Each of our clients deserves individualized care and consideration, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exactly that. If you’re ready to revolutionize your relationship with your skin, we’re ready for you!


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