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Why A Natural Difference Skincare?

I carry a few different brands of skincare at the spa, but A Natural Difference is the primary product line that I use. Haven't heard of it? Most people haven't so let me tell you more about this product line and why I choose to carry it! I'll try to keep this short!

When I went into Esthetics school in 2010 I was having my own skin issues. I have had acne since I was probably 14 and at the time had been trying a bunch of different products for years with some luck but nothing where I wanted to be. During my time in school some of my classmates kept encouraging me to try A Natural Difference's Acne Kit (now called Clarifying Kit) and that their sister, daughter etc were seeing great results. After a bit of pushing, I finally tried it. The results were amazing! My skin was balanced, hydrated and getting cleared.

Fast forward a few years I continued to use A Natural Difference as I tried other product lines working at different spas. Nothing came even close to the results I was getting with A Natural Difference for myself, or my clients. In 2012 when I opened up my own studio space I chose to carry A Natural Difference exclusively as I saw they had products not only that I loved, but products for every skin type, condition and concern my clients had too.

Beyond the results, what are my other reasons for loving A Natural Difference?

1. Made in the USA

I love that the products are made in the USA and the company is a family run company.

2. Natural and organic, with the best of science.

I am all about eating organic, cleaning products with no chemicals and so much more so I wanted a product line that uses natural ingredients. What I love about A Natural Difference is while the products contain natural and organic ingredients they also contain bioengineered ingredients. I discovered during my time as a teen making my own beauty products and trying products as an Esthetician that natural and organic skincare often meant expensive and not great results. By combining the best of nature with science A Natural Difference products are able to give the results I'm looking for. That "it's clearing my blemishes", "I look 5 years younger" results we all want to see!

3. European Union Certified

This ones ties in with the last! If you're a health freak like me, it can be hard to come to terms with using a product line that isn't 100% organic. BUT, did you know that the US has almost no standards for what is allowed in beauty products? This is really a shame and frustration of mine, but I'll save that for another day. Europe on the other hand has banned over 1,300 chemicals in beauty products and only allows small amounts of certain ingredients in their products. The US has only banned 11. A Natural Difference products are European Union Certified which means any chemical that may be in a product, is much less and safer than anything you can find in the US! This certification requires lots of product testing, stability tests, products not be tested on animals and more. So know your skin is in good hands!

4. No fragrance, mineral oil or lanolin

Did you know that fragrance is the #1 allergen in beauty products? It can be made up of hundreds of different chemicals. All A Natural Difference products are only naturally fragranced with the ingredients put inside of them! They also do not contain mineral oil or lanolin. These two ingredients aren't very healthy for the skin and are such large molecules other ingredients cannot penetrate the skin, making them ineffective.

5. Sold only to Estheticians and Doctors

What I really appreciate about this the most is that this allows for potent, effective products. Over the counter products have to be generally safe for everyone in order for companies to avoid being sued over a product reaction etc. By A Natural Difference trusting that Estheticians and Doctors know what they're talking about in treating the skin this allows the company to make stronger, potent and effective products! This is why you have not heard of the products, because this often keeps a company smaller when they are loyal to professionals and don't sell out to a big box company.

I hope this explanation was helpful for you to understand why I use these products after 10 years, and I really hope that one day you'll give them a try! Your best skin days are ahead of you.

Kayla Marie

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