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Hormonal Acne Series

In the spring of 2020 I did a series of Instagram posts on Hormonal Acne. Below is the compilation of my posts from this series!

We now know the saying we've heard for years “food has nothing to do with breakouts” is a myth. What we eat has so much to do with our skin! Our skin is the largest organ of our body and what we see happening on our skin is often a reflection of what's going on within. Eating clean with lots of fruits and vegetables can really make a difference for our skin and our bodies. Here is a list of foods based on my experience and research that work internally to help improve our health and support clearing breakouts!

We all know that herbs can be really beneficial for our health! We also know high quality supplements can help support our health and skin as well. This is a list of teas, herbs, spices and supplements I have found to be beneficial in helping to fight breakouts from the inside out. You might see other health benefits too! Please remember I am NOT a doctor or nutritionist. These are simply herbs and supplements I have found to be helpful from my own research and personal use. Please use your own discretion or talk to your doctor if these are right for you!

Food sensitivities are on the rise and I believe that they can play a big part in how our skin responds to whats going on inside. The foods on this list can often be inflammatory in the body, or mess with our hormones causing issues with our skin. Eliminating them all could be very difficult so what I have often done is eliminate one food for two weeks and see how I feel. Then slowly reintroduce and see how I feel again. If I feel worse or my skin breaks out, now I know it may be a trigger for me. If I don't have any issues, I move to the next food. If a food is a trigger for you of course you have the freedom to still eat it! It can just be helpful to know that if you have an event on Friday and you want clear skin, maybe avoid that food. **Remember I am not a doctor or nutritionist. This is simply what I have learned from my own research and journey with acne for myself and my clients.

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