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How Often Should I Sugar?

Sugaring is an amazing method way of hair removal. You will have less redness, irritation, and a more comfortable process. What more could you ask for?! But how often should you sugar? 

leg sugaring tamaras sugar

First, let's talk growth cycles. Your hair has multiple growth cycles. This means that hair begins to grow, has a period of time it's growing, the bulb releases to let the hair fall out, and right behind it, a new hair grows. At your first few sugaring appointments you will have hair growth beginning probably 8-10 days after your visit. This is not the hair that we removed, but a different growth cycle. The goal of hair removal is to get all of your hair on the same growth cycle, then to have consistent treatments to have the longest period of time with no hair growth between treatments. Regular treatments (3-5 weeks apart) removes hair in the first stage of hair growth, which over time thins the hair follicle and can lead to permanency. Removing hairs in the later stages of hair growth will not thin the hair follicle to lead to permanency, and my result in earlier hair growth between appointments.

How often should I come in? How often you should come in will vary slightly person to person based on how quickly your hair grows. For facial hair some people may prefer closer to 2-3 weeks. For bikini or legs around 4 weeks is most preferred. 

For best results for you, just ask us how often would be best for your treatments!

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