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Post Flight Skin Care

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, but post flight breakouts or dryness are my least favorite parts of going on a trip! In the last year I have worked on perfecting my post flight skincare and I have had almost no breakouts and maintained healthy, glowing skin. I wanted to share with you how I treat my skin today!

Why do I get post flight breakouts or dryness?

The reason we experience these skin issues is most often because of the air. There is typically only 10% humidity on an airplane. Because of this, the air zaps moisture from your skin just like being outside in cold winter weather. You can pack on some hyaluronic acid and pat some jojoba or AND's Grapeseed Oil on your skin pre-flight to help, but ultimately post care is the most beneficial!

The night you land

I tend to often wash my face post flight because it feels gross, and all those people germs! But when I get to my final destination that evening I give myself a mini facial.

Because my skin cells have been dehydrated, I need to slough off any dry, dead skin cells. At the very least I use my Cranberry Scrub, but if I have the extra time I like to apply my Cranberry Peel or 5% Phyto Pumpkin peel for 5-8 minutes to dissolve dead skin cells.

After that I will apply a hydrating masque to re-balance my skin. I have oily skin, so my favorite is the Mineral Enzyme Masque. It's a gel masque that draws moisture to my skin, contains antioxidants and also has a little pineapple which will eat away at a few more dead skin cells. My other favorite option which is good for any skin type is the Hydrotant Marine Masque which is a super silky consistency that hydrates and leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

After I have used and removed both of thee products I apply Hydrotant Gel which contains hyaluronic acid which binds 1,000 it's weight in moisture to my skin, before my moisturizer. For the evening Harmony Creme and Glucana Creme are two of my favorites.

By getting rid of dead skin cells and re-hydrating my skin I am helping to re-balance it and keep it glowing and clear during my trip! I hope this was helpful advice and even if you don't struggle with breakouts, this is a must do for balancing your skin after any airplane ride!

Kayla Marie

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