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Supplements For Dry, Mature or Discolored Skin

This time of year those with dry skin are about to lose their minds! Itching, flaking, red skin that just can't catch a break. Maybe you have some fine lines and wrinkles that are bugging you, or discolorations you've been fighting for awhile. This post is for you! Here are there supplements that could greatly improve your skin, from within!

Skin Antioxidant

Simply put, free radicals are what causes aging, and antioxidants fight free radicals! The skin is bombarded day and night with damaging free radicals that come in many forms from environmental pollutants to any form of light. Watch the video for even more things that cause free radicals! Skin Antioxidant has seven super antioxidant phytonutrients found in plants with the addition of beta-carotene. This product helps all skin types and is especially beneficial for photo-aged skin. Learn more here. These can be purchased in spa for $42.

Skin Omegas

We all know omegas are great for our bodies. Did you know they can help our skin too?! Skin Omegas can reduce redness because of their anti-inflammatory properties. All skin types can benefit from it, including dry, flaky, sensitive and acneic skin. Omega-3 also helps to increase hydration and overall smoothness, adding a boost to your topical moisturizer. Easy to digest with no aftertaste and two capsules a day with food is recommended. You can purchase these in spa for as little as $28 a month! Read more here, or watch this video.

Skin Vitamin A

We all know vitamin A (retinol) is a powerhouse ingredient topically for the skin, and it's no different internally! Vitamin A is the anti-aging vitamin that helps to maintain healthy skin as it balances oil and moisturizes, aids normal cell production and repair throughout the body. It boosts skin immunity and helps prevent collagen breakdown. Vitamin D gives this formula an extra boost. Works well on all skin types, especially beneficial for aging skin. Learn more here. You can purchase these in spa for $28.

What makes these different?

Third-party independent testing is done by laboratories that validate the quality of the final products. Did you know that the FDA leaves it up to the manufacturer to make sure that a product is safe and truthful labeling? That's not enough for me! I cannot find this for certain, but I believe only one batch in many millions of tablets is required by the FDA to be tested.

Each batch is test for contaminants, that the ingredients in the product meets label claim and to assure stability of Advanced Nutrition Programme products, i,e., how long they remain active in the final product. They only accept new suppliers that have successfully passed a vetting process where a third-party independent expert tests all the ingredients to assure the levels of active ingredients and against microbiological contamination.

These formulas are absorbed into the body within 2-5 minutes.

Anchovies are used for the fish oil, and smaller fish have less mercury contaminants.

Tested for the presence of gluten and can be declared gluten free. Free from artificial flavorings and colorings. Free from genetically modified materials. Dairy and yeast free.

Nutrient deficiencies may contribute to inflammation and poor skin health, potentially accelerating signs of aging. Other supplements that may help improve skin health and appearance include:

Vitamin C and vitamin E

Vitamins B3 and B5

Zinc Read this post to find out which zinc I take and recommend!

To healthier, more glowing skin!

Kayla Marie

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