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Tips To Help Dry, Cracked Winter Hands

Dry hands in the winter can be a real problem for a lot of people. The lack of moisture in the air combined with drying heat, lots of hand washing or alcohol-based hand sanitizers can result in cracking dry hands. Here’s my tip for keeping hands soft and moisturized all winter long.

#1 Wear Gloves Whenever Possible

9 out of 10 times this alone can transform your hands! I recommend if you're really prone to dry hands that you wear gloves anytime it's below 50 degrees. This protects your hands from being zapped of moisture and harsh dry winds. Also, wear rubber gloves when you're washing dishes! If you're having serious issues wear a thicker lotion under some cotton gloves while sleeping at night until things improve.

#2 Keep Hand Lotion In Your Bag At All Times

If you are washing your hands a lot, applying a lotion will be very helpful. Look for products with shea butter, jojoba oil and other natural hydrating ingredients. Apply at least twice a day on damp skin so that it locks in moisture.

#3 Exfoliate With A Glycolic Acid Lotion

Your hands and neck are the two areas that give away your age first. Exfoliating these areas not only can improve their appearance and fight aging, but allow for smoother looking skin and your products to really penetrate and hydrate. Two n

ights a week I recommend using A Natural Difference's Poly Glyco Lotion which contains 10% glycolic acid which goes down into the pores, swirls debris around and brings it to the surface.

#4 Use A Humidifier In Your Bedroom

To best prevent dry skin, it’s important to keep moisture in the air. The nightly use of a humidifier helps you do just that, and for your whole body!

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