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How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

It's a fact: Squinting causes wrinkles around the eyes because wrinkles are caused from repetitive facial expressions. My first recommendation is to get your eyes checked! If you want to prevent wrinkles, don't put off getting your eyes checked as squinting from blurry vision will most definitely accelerate wrinkles around the eyes.

As for skincare, the skin around the eyes is so thin and delicate, so it should be treated with care! Here are my basic eye care tips.

Be sure to wear sunglasses when outdoors since brightness causes squinting.

Learn to relax your muscles!

This applies to the whole face. It sounds silly, but over time I have learned when I am in a relaxed state to calm and relax my facial muscles. Many of us have certain areas of our face that we keep the muscles tense almost consistently, and therefore these areas wrinkle quicker. If you can learn to relax them more, you will reduce wrinkling drastically, and naturally!

Never rub your eyes!

This pulling of the skin can cause premature wrinkling and is a very easy thing to avoid.

Don't exfoliate.

We all know that we should exfoliate our skin, but because the eye are is so sensitive and delicate I do NOT recommend exfoliating with a scrub around the eye area. A great way to gently exfoliate with a chemical product versus a physical scrub that I do recommend is using Erase A Line, a retinol and glycolic serum I recommend for the face that can be used around the eye area once a week.

Swap Eye Creme for an Eye Serum.

I am definitely not against eye creme when used on the brow bone (the bone that is right below your brows and comes around under your eye), but too close in on the eye I believe a creme is actually too thick. Since the skin is so thin a creme can often weight down the tissue and prematurely cause wrinkling. One of the #1 selling products from A Natural Difference is our Cobra Eye Serum. This serum uses peptides which relax, soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Great if you have wrinkling, and a great preventative product! It also can be helpful for puffiness and dark circles. It is made for the eyes, but can be used on the whole face, or any other spots you would like to target wrinkles.

I'll write a few more tips in the future!

Kayla Marie

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