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Come Find Out What's In My Purse!

My purse is often called a "bag of bricks" by my friends. I carry a lot, and am prepared for almost anything. Here is what I've got in my purse!

Let's start at the top, then going down left to right.

First I have my handy Kleenex and Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray. I love spray way more! A lint roller for the times I hangout with friends after work (towels and black pants don't mix!) My essential oils which are great if I need a pick me up, along with my Thieves Lozenges if my throat hurts. These items are sitting on my favorite purse organizer which my mom got me a few years ago on Amazon for Christmas. Makes my life and losing things in a purse way easier!

Next is my zipper lip product holder, a little pouch I got when I became certified as a babysitter when I was young with bandaids and my travel toothbrush and toothpaste. The green bottle is Peppermint Essential Oil, a mini Lip Drink, Bellini Lip Gloss and a Jane Lip Pencil. My favorite peppermint Altoids and a comb for hair emergencies.

Moving down to the left is my Big Sexy Hairspray for my wild, curly hair days, and multiple Jane Lip Glosses along with my mini Tweezerman Tweezers. I may or may not occasionally tweeze a few hairs at a stoplight (gasp!) And yet ANOTHER lip pencil in Spice Shade, my FAVORITE! I use it often with the Buff shade Lip Drink next to it. My PurePressed Foundation in Warm Silk for touch ups, my Goody pouch with a few hairties and bobbypins. At the end, my hand made cuticle pen from my friend Kelly who owns a spa in Columbus.

Last row, Jane Iredale blotting tissues for oil control, some gum and my SPF 15 Hand Drink which I use on my hands when I drive, or anywhere else I need it when I am last minute going to be outside!

Clearly, I am well prepared for any beauty emergency! Hope you enjoyed this little moment inside my daily life and what I feel I "need" in my purse. Many might fight with me on that ;)

To happy, healthy skin,

Kayla Marie

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