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My 5 Skin Care Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope that your year is off to a great start! Believe it or not, as an Esthetician, even I have skin care resolutions. My approach to skin care is always 1 step at a time, just with life. If you want to lose weight this year, overhauling your eating habits will only last a few weeks until you can't take it anymore and go back to your old ways. It's the same for your skin. If you can't handle too many steps, start small. Doing something is better than nothing! Here are my 5 resolutions for this year for my skin.

#1 Wear Sunscreen More Often

Studies indicate that 78% of the sun exposure we get in a lifetime is incidental exposure. You may say, “I’m not out at all during the day.” Just working in your home or office near windows, walking to your car, and even driving in your car will subject you to unnecessary UV damage. Windshields do nothing to protect you from UV rays. Daylight exposure is the #1 cause of premature skin aging so a minimum of SPF 15 should be used 365 days a year, rain or shine, inside or out. At this point I wear SPF in my makeup, and underneath my makeup about 50% of the time. Gonna get better at this!

#2 Stop Picking

You might be gasping at this one! Yes, when I pick at my skin I do it the right way with softened skin, gauze over my fingers and gentle squeezes, but sometimes I get carried away trying to extract something that isn't read. This can do more harm than good in the long run! The life of a blemish is just 3-5 days, but when you pick at one, the red mark can linger there for 1-2 months. This year I am going to leave some blemishes be until they are ready, and keep up with my home mini-facials to keep my pores clearer and prevent more of these from even ever happening!

#3 Masque More Often

I think all of us can say that we don't do this step enough! My resolution is to masque my skin twice a week. One hydrating, and one purifying. Even though I have oily skin, it can often still be dehydrated or even dry on my cheeks. Besides the skin benefits, I often will get the dishes done while masking, or take a few minutes to listen to some calm music with my eyes. If you take baths, try apply a mask before your bath and leave it on for a good 15-20 minutes.

#4 Clean My Makeup Brushes

This one is probably the most needed by me! I am very good at cleaning my foundation sponge often, but slack on all my other makeup application brushes. I think this year I will pick a day of the week that every week I will wash my brushes! Be careful with your makeup brushes. Be sure to use a hydrating wash, and not a harsh detergent to get them clean!

#5 Get More Peels

I love a good facial, but peels I don't often make as much time for, but they are SO important! Getting at least 2 chemical peels a year will help me keep brighter, clearer skin throughout the year, and prevent aging. You just might have to accept me with a little bit of flaking skin a few times a year, deal? (More about peels coming your way soon!)

What are your beauty resolutions?!

To happy, healthy skin!

Kayla Marie

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