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Silk Worm Cocoons Your New Anti-Aging Tool!

Yes, you did read that title right. SILK WORM COCOONS! I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out because you are gonna LOVE these!

The Silk Worm Cocoons I use are mulberry silk worm cocoons and come all the way from South Korea. They are great for reducing blackheads, smoothing fine lines, reducing discolorations and increasing collagen production and hydration in the skin. Here is some info from a Daily Mail UK article I found reviewing cocoons.

"Women have used oils from the cocoon as a moisturizer for over a thousand years. It's wonderful stuff, packed full of healing properties,' he says. 'When you soak the cocoon, you release sericin, the substance that binds the silk thread together. This is an amazing protein, containing 18 amino acids, which will definitely help your complexion.' He explains that sericin acts as a thin film over the face, sealing in moisture to keep skin hydrated.

What's more, he says, it's been shown to replenish collagen, the substance that keeps skin elastic.

The sericin in the cocoon has clearly promoted collagen production. This explains the healing of acne scars, the increased elasticity and the huge improvement in pigmentation and UV damage. I'd carry on using those cocoons if I were you."

Isn't that amazing?! I was using the silk worm cocoons religiously for a few weeks before I decided to carry them for you. I had two clients tell me one day "your skin always looks great, but WHAT are you doing to your skin right now?! It looks amazing!" I also had someone tell me it looked like I had botox! Even though I am young, I definitely feel that my skin is more hydrated, my blackheads are reduced, little bumps on my skin have vanished, and the few fine lines that I have are softened.

How do you use silk cocoons?

To use the cocoons you simply soak one in hot water for 2-3 minutes (I stick it in the water before I wash my face in the morning.) The cocoon will not soften as you might expect. After you cleanse your skin, while it is still damp you will simply place the cocoon on your index finger, and begin to massage it in circular or back and forth motions on your skin. Focusing on your problem areas. I go over my whole face twice, then my problem areas. That may be your 11's in-between your eyebrows, or a discoloration. If the cocoon becomes dirty, simply rinse it of and then continue. Cocoons are to be used one time only, and then discarded. For best results, use 1 cocoon a day. Will take at least a week of regular use before you will see results. Patience! After use, you simply moisturize and apply makeup as usual! To me, the cocoons are not very abrasive that I still use my AND Cranberry Scrub every other night as well.

Looking to try them out? Stop by and pick some up, or ask me at your next appointment if cocoons are the right fit for your skin care goals!

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