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5 Skincare Products I Can't Live Without

Happy Monday! I Spent the weekend helping one of my close friends get married. She was such a beautiful bride! To get flawless skin for a wedding, or for great skin on a daily basis, it takes work! Today I am sharing with you my 5 favorite skincare products that keep my skin in tip top shape.


This is one of the newest cremes from AND, and it has to be my favorite! Formulated with the best natural ingredients it contains phyto-estrogens to help balance hormonal conditions. Chaste, Tree, Wild Yam, Pueraira Minifica Root and complementing natural retinol help to stimulate collagen production and restore smooth and healthy skin. Reduces breakouts, lightens and brightens your skin tone and gives the apperance of tighter pores.


Do you ever feel like your skin needs a good scrub? Something non-irritating, but you want to FEEL a difference in your skin? This is the winner. I have never found any other skincare scrub that feels the same. Made with zeolites from volcanic ash, diatomaceous earth for detoxification, along with immune enhancing properties and powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals (what cause aging!) this scrub gives my skin that baby soft feel and preps my skin for allowing whatever products apply after it to penetrate my skin best, for great results!


Made with sulphur (which kills acne bacterial) and clay which draws out impurities I love it on a hot summer day to clear out my pores and give me a fresh face. I also love to spot treat blemishes by sleeping in this masque!


In the fall my skin has some freak out moments. It's oily, yet may feel tight and dry at the same time. I love my hydrotant gel which has hylauronic acid that binds 1,000 times it's weight in moisture to the skin without being heavy. It's a gel, which is oily skin's best friend!


Saving the best for last, this power punch retinol product is agings worst enemy. It helps to give an even skintone, smooth fine lines and pores, while keeping your skin from getting red and flaky like some retinols. I don't know that I've stopped using it since the company came out with it a few years ago!

To happy, healthy skin!


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