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My Good (and bad!) Skin Care Secrets

Having been playing with skincare for over 10 years now, I am well-versed in the tricks of the trade. From acne care struggling with it myself for years, to lightening discolorations and anti-aging, I've got you covered! However, like many people, I do have a history of skin habits I’m not so proud of. I try my best to lead by example because my profession demands it, and because it’s what’s best for my skin in the long run. Read on to find out about my skin care secrets, my past skin care sins and what I do and use now to ensure my skin is at the top of its game.

Let’s start with the BAD... Here are the skin care sins I’ve committed in the past:

Picking Blemishes. I used to be a terrible picker. For those of you that know what I mean, it can be so fun! But picking your skin leads to terrible scarring, and it only makes blemishes worse. After all, what’s easier to cover up with concealer: a closed, small bump or an open, scabby, oozing wound? It’s your choice.

Not Getting Enough Professional Skin Treatments. I recommend people get monthly facials, but I don’t always have the “me time” I want. But if I skip a professional facial, I make sure to do a mini-facial at home! And even when I do get a facial, I give myself 1-2 mini facials a week. Home care is crucial to getting the best results from your facial!

Not Protecting My Hands From The Sun. I have to admit that I’m not always good at remembering to put sunscreen on the tops of my hands before driving in the car, even though they are exposed to the same damaging UV rays as my face. Wearing sun protection is essential for all exposed areas, since the number-one cause of premature skin aging (wrinkles, rough texture, brown spots) is unprotected sun exposure. It's the truth that the neck, hands and feet will always tell a womans age. Take care of them! I like to keep my Coola Cucumber Matte SPF 30 in my purse for my face, so when I remember, I'll apply it to my hands too.


Washing My Face Before Bed. I never ever, no matter when I get home or how tired I am forget to wash my face. I think I'm more likely to go to bed without brushing my teeth before not washing my face. (I know, ew!) Morning and night cleansing is so important because at night your skin gets rid of toxins and repairs itself, while during the day dirt, oil, pollution and makeup leave your skin dying for a fresh, clean face. Evening cleansing is also so important because often what I call " skin change" ingredients are in nighttime products.

Increasing My Circulation. Healthy skin has good blood flow. To achieve this, I workout almost everyday and with a few yoga poses I hang my head upside-down for a couple of minutes per day. This can be done during a downward dog pose in yoga, or simply by hanging your head over the side of your bed. After three minutes, a slight redness appears on my skin. In the long run, it can make a big difference in getting (and keeping) my inner glow and looking lit from within. (The reason this works is because blood carries all of the oxygen and nutrients to feed the cells both in our skin and body. Arterial, venous, capillary and pulmonary systems are all avenues through which blood circulates. When capillaries are dilated, the uptake of oxygen and blood increases, ultimately causing the glow.)

Limiting My Dairy Intake. Let me say one thing. I LOVE CHEESE, but my body hates it. From causing me to cough more (from the phlegm in my throat) to breaking my skin out, it's not good. Cows milk (whether organic or not) contains different hormones that don't match up well with humans, that it messes with our hormones often causing jawline or cheek breakouts. Dairy along with wheat and sugar are inflammatory foods, which all may be contributors to acne skin conditions. I can always tell if I haven't been limiting dairy as well in my diet by my skin. If you aren't sure how dairy effects you, try removing it from your diet for 2 weeks and see what happens!

There you have it—my past skin care sins, some of my present-day skin care rules to live by. Next up? Find out the skin care products I can't live without! Don’t forget, no matter what you’ve done to it in the past, it’s never too late to start caring for your skin. You can always improve your skin!

To happy, healthy skin!

Kayla Marie

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