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Take A Look Inside My Makeup Bag

Peek inside my makeup bag!So it's not exactly a bag, it's a box, and I love it! I have had this box for YEARS. it has a second piece that snaps to the bottom with all my hair accessories and makes traveling SO easy! Anyways...I'm about to share ALL my makeup products with you! (Just excluding my million eyeshadow pallets.) Here we GO!​​

First we've got my complexion products. All the products in this post are Jane Iredale unless otherwise listed. Left top: Beyond Matte HD translucent finishing powder for a flawless finish and a little oil control. Left bottom: Beyond Matte HD in Dark as my bronzer. Pure Pressed Compact (with my tint bit of powder left!) in Warm Silk, and my Flocked Sponge for application. So Bronze 2 for my blush and a lighter bronzer. In the solo cups I have Glow Time BB Creme in shades BB3 and BB5. I use them alone, or mix them depending on the coloring I want for the day.​​

Next up we have a few random things. Top left: Zap & Hide 2 which is a double ended acne treatment stick and concealer to calm redness and inflammation. Bottom left: From the Foundation Travel kit, Smooth Affair Brightening Facial Primer. Top right: Being transparent here, I am trying to use up my old Anastasia brow power. It seems to never end! Bottom right: Circle/Delete 1, for those days that I've got dark circles that just need some MAJOR help! This concealer has a pink/peach side to neutralize purple/blue coloring, and then a more natural looking concealer color.​​

Next up on the top left I am finishing up my Bare Minerals eyeshadow primer. A primer is crucial to keep shadow from creasing! Below that is my Lash Conditioner. This has helped spots that don't grow well in my lashes to grow, and also helps keep my lashes soft and hydrated! Can also be used on the brows. Below that in the tube is Mascara and Brow Fix. Since I look down a lot I put a clear coat over my mascara to keep it from moving throughout the day. Next up I have my trusty mascara wand! For years I have kept one to touch up and clumps that may happen when applying mascara. On the bottom is my FAVORITE mascara! Longest Lash in Black Ice. In a soft tube with 35% more product and an awesome brush, this gives killer lashes! Moving to the center are my Black and Espresso Jelly Jars. Looking for a dramatic eyeliner? This is it! Next is my Black Pencil and finishing with Pure Lash Mascara in Onyx. Gotta have options! ​​

Here we have my tools. My little Revlon Tweezers which are not the best, but I love the light on them! Tweezerman Scissors for trimming my eyebrows and an eyelash curler for rare occasions. I used to use it religiously but since using Jane's Lash Conditioner that really helps curl and lengthen lashes that I don't need it! Eyelash curlers can cause brittleness or breakage for lashes. Then we have my blackhead extractor. Even though it's not a very good one, I still keep it just incase. I much prefer my fingers wrapped in gauze for a less painful and more effective treatment.

I hope you've enjoyed this little journey through my beauty box! If you have any questions about any of the products I listed, let me know.

To happy, healthy skin!

Kayla Marie

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