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My favorite sunscreen is here!

Thank you for your patience! I know that many of you have been waiting. It's finally here! My favorite suncare is HERE!!

I have also been waiting for this day for a while. I have done so much research, testing and read countless reviews before choosing Coola and am so happy to now share it with you. I chose Coola for many reasons, and here are some of them!

Silk feel - I've gotta tell you, I am DONE with greasy, thick natural sunscreens! I have purchased so many over the years, use them once, and then pitch it because I look like a white, greasy ghost face. No thank you! Coola gives you a soft, smooth finish without feeling heavy, greasy. And a feel like you're not even wearing SPF!

Matte - I have oily skin and most SPF's like I said above, are just SO greasy. Coola actually has two matte formulas that I am IN LOVE with. One has a cucumber scent without a tint, and the other is unscented and with a tint. I now wear SPF (in addition to the SPF in my foundation) everyday! Besides being matte, these both smooth the skin. Large pores, wrinkles? Vanished.

Skin care - As you know, skin care is the most important thing to me. I also chose Coola because of it's skin care benefits. It's GOOD for your skin!

Vacationing? - Coola has an awesome travel kit! With a spray body SPF, Face SPF, Lip SPF and Recovery lotion, you're set for your next tropical adventure!

What does Coola have to offer you?

Whether you need face, body or lip care, you're covered! Even post-sun care treatment! Check out their products on their website.

Want to know more?

Science behind Coola

Skincare Ingredients in Coola

Coola in the press

It's on my shelves now, so stop on in to get yours and experience the Coola magic!

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