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What I Learned In The Windy City!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Face & Body Conference and Expo in Chicago with my good Esti friend, Kelly. We had a great time, and here are a few things I learned!

More than ever I believe that acne is an internal issue.

I took 3 classes on acne while I was away and although they were mostly skincare related, I still believe at the end of the day that acne stems from our insides. Skin care is amazing and can definitely help, but our bodies were made to let the skin be a reflection of what is going on within! If you suffer from acne, take a look at your diet, hormones, and check out Face Mapping. It is a chinese medicine practice that gives different "zones" of the face and internal issues that may possibly be something you need to address. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I have been on my own journey with acne for 10 years and have learned a lot. Don't let your skin take you years to figure out like mine did!

Sunscreen is not an option, it's a necessity!

I took classes about hyperpigmentation, and sunscreen is just not negotiable when trying to prevent discolorations! I do believe however that a few minutes of sun a day is good and healthy for vitamin D. I have been searching for a great natural sunscreen line for years, and I finally found it. Be on the lookout for it coming soon! Until then, learn more about it here.

I still use the best products out there!

I may be biased, but I try to go to shows with an open mind of what else is out there and to see if I am still using the best. I saw dozens of product lines and although they may all have something good about them, I believe I still use the best! I have used AND for almost 5 years, and with a combination of natural and organic ingredients combined with the best of bioenginered ingredients, AND offers as few chemicals as possible while still giving results. And products for EVERY skin issue!

Overall I had a great time exploring the city, had some amazing tea and am re-inspired in this job that I already love!

To happy, healthy skin


P.S. If you can't tell, I really took advantage of the fact that this is a beauty show and went way over the top with my makeup!

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