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Why Should I Use Professional Skincare?

If you are a current facial client of mine, you know that every treatment I recommend home care products to you. Why? It's not at all about sales, but about giving you the results you're looking for! Let me explain.

Professional products = More potent and pure.

Professional products (especially AND which is sold only to Estheticians and doctors) allow for companies to make products that are more potent, pure and therefore more effective than any over the counter product. If it's sold to everyone, it has to be safe for everyone which often means, not very effective.

Professional advice

Whenever you purchase professional products, you get professional advice. Everything I recommend to you I have used for over 5 years. I know what it does to the skin and wouldn't recommend it if it didn't work.

Best results from your facial

Whenever you take home care home with you, you're improving your skin. A facial does wonders for the skin, but only lasts so long. If you're using good home care, you're improving your skin at home. Then, at your next facial we will boost your skin from there to the next level.

At the end of the day, I just want to help you improve your skin! You come to me for expert advice and results. Take advantage of me and trust in what I do!

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