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Are your products 100% natural and organic?


Not completely, and here's why:


I have worked with a lot of  product lines and have found that you simply cannot get amazing results with a soley natural and organic product line. Here is the good news though! A Natural Difference Skincare is the best of both worlds using the most of nature possible, with just a hint of science to give great results! 


What kind of facials do you offer?


We offer, 60 and 75 minute custom facials along with an Oxygen Facial and Back Facial. I choose to call my facials custom because often there is more than one issue to target in a treatment. Rarely will an anti-aging facial cover all of your needs. You may want anti-aging, but also have occasional chin breakouts, and sun spots you would like to target as well. Creating a custom facial allows for me to target all of these areas and meet your needs in the best way. For facial treatment time recommendations, you will see those below the facial treatments section under "TREATMENTS", then "PRICE LIST".

What is sugaring hair removal?


Sugaring hair removal is a paste of sugar, lemon and water with a similar consistency to silly putty, but slightly softer. It is molded into the hair follicle in the opposite direction of growth, and pulled out in the direction of growth. This allows for less breakage and ingrown hairs, along with helping to thin the hair follicle and lead to permanency. Other benefits of sugaring are that it is only heated to body temperature, so there is no chance of burning the skin. It does not adhere to the skin, just the hair so there will be less redness and irritation post-treatment. Also, the stickiness of sugar can be removed with a warm towel unlike waxing. When you leave your treatment your skin should feel soft and smooth, be hair free, and have a slightly pink glow! You can read more in the sugaring sub-tab of  "TREATMENTS".


The thought of a "peel" scares me. What is a peel?


There are many different types of peels and different results they can give. Thy type of peels that I do are not actual "peel off of the face peels" but will dissolve dead skin cells with acids and enzymes and are removed with a towel and water. A peel most commonly softens the skin, prep for extractions (removal of whiteheads and blackheads), reduce pore size, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and feed the skin with antioxidants and minerals. Depending on the peel there can be more benefits for anti-aging, scaring, sun spots etc. Most peels will give a slightly tingling and itching sensation. This tingling and itching sensation may be more intense with a stronger peel, but would be discussed in your consultation if that be the treatment of choice.

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