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I have followed Kayla for the past year and have not strayed -  even with attractive Groupon offers for a reason:  Kayla is extremely talented at what she does, she has a passion for skin care and her clients overall health and beauty. Kayla goes the distance to make me feel comfortable during my services. She knows how to create a spa experience which is extremely important to me!  I have also come to rely on Kayla to determine the type of facial i receive each month because my skin is always changing.  She also recommends which skin care products that work with my skin type and the ever-changing Cleveland weather. I never feel oversold or under serviced and her follow up messages to each service are the perfect added touch. I also like that Kayla shares her opinions on beauty with me in a very professional manner.  She has made hair color recommendations and suggested books on nutrition for better looking skin that fit in with my lifestyle.  Kayla seems to always be a student as well which is extremely important when you are investing in your skin.  She stays on top of current trends.  Recently she began doing a Cabernet Peel at the salon and I am completely sold.  I see a big difference in a more even skin tone overall and a reduction in fine lines.  I see Kayla every month. She is amazing, her prices are fair and my skin has never looked better. - Robin S.​

I have been seeing Kayla for the last 4 years. My experiences with her have been nothing short of exceptional. As someone with sensitive skin, I appreciate Kayla's care and attention to my needs. She is very knowledgeable about what she does, and is extremely helpful and informative. Her facials are relaxing and leave your skin feeling amazing. I also highly recommend her sugaring technique for any hair removal needs. I have had numerous sugaring treatments with Kayla, and have had great results. Kayla is the only Esthetician I will trust with my sensitive skin, and I highly recommend her! - Michelle P.


Acne Care

I started going to Kayla out of pure frustration with my skin. I was in the middle of the most demanding semester of my college career; and my last. Because of all of the stress, my face was breaking out and more oily than ever. I have struggled with mild acne since I was about 14, now going on 23, I was fed up and frustrated with the way I looked. I have been to dermatologists, tried almost every medication in the book, and almost every info-mercial skin care routine. Not to mention countless dollars on make up and expensive Sephora regimens. But my skin always went back to being oily with occasional breakouts. Being a future teacher, I know that kids can be cruel and I most definitely was not feeling confident in myself during job interviews with my skin looking the way it did. I asked around for any type of relief, and through a friend found Kayla. I had never gotten a facial before, nor had I ever tried a “natural” skin care routine. But I have tried about everything, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. Kayla was welcoming, kind and helpful in every way. It is obvious that she really enjoys what she does, and is great at it. She offered me both a regimen and advice about my daily diet that could help balance my skin. She suggested I started taking a probiotic, (which I had never taken) and told me the exact type to get, and where I could find it the cheapest. Kayla has even sent me check-in messages to see how my skin is doing after each facial and new addition to my regimen. I really did notice a difference in the oiliness of my skin almost immediately after my first appointment with Kayla. I took all of her advice and have been on the suggested regimen for a little over two months. I still have occasional breakouts, but they clear faster, and leave less of a scar than before. I have noticed a difference in my skins natural balance, and so have my friends and family. I would suggest to anyone who has struggled like I have to give Kayla a try. She is passionate, caring and truly takes an interest in her client’s progress. - Rachel C.

I started using Kayla for my eyebrows. She was always so polite and wonderful. After years of suffering with acne and using harsh medicines, I was about to give up. I decided to give Kayla a chance and it was the best decision I have ever made. My skin has never looked so good and without all the "bad stuff". The Natural Difference line she uses is so gentle but it works. I continue to use Kayla every month and I always look forward to her smile. Thank you Kayla for making a difference in my skin! - Jenna H.

Greatest Facial Experience! I was working with another model and I noticed that I could not help but stare at her perfect skin. After being totally creepy, staring at her face, wondering what her secret was to having this amazingly beautiful and clear skin, I just asked! Without hesitation, she said, you need to go to Kayla! After just having one 60 minute facial with Kayla, I am already seeing results. My skin is already looking clear and beautiful! I was nervous to switch up my skin care regiment because I have sensitive skin, but my products that I was using before were not clearing the acne around my chin. Kayla changed everything up on me and I'm not kidding when I say I can actually feel my skin being cleaned hours after  I have washed it. My skin is so clean! I feel like I have my natural glow back in my skin and I am feeling so confident again! Kayla is such a sweetheart! As a first time client, I left feeling like a friend. She is very easy going and very knowledgeable about her practices. She will explain to you thoroughly everything that she uses and answer all of your questions! She isn't pushy, but will be honest about what your skin needs to be protected and taken care of! - Lola H.​

Sugaring Hair Removal

I’ve always dreaded getting my eyebrows waxed. I have extremely light blonde eyebrows; one wrong pluck could make my eyebrows disappear. This was such a problem for me, that I just avoided getting them done, until I heard about Kayla. When I got my eyebrows sugared for the first time by Kayla, the results were amazing. She is very thorough and makes sure she gets all the hairs. She doesn’t let me leave until I’m completely satisfied with how they look (even if she has to adjust them a few times). She explained the difference between sugaring and waxing to me and I will never go back to waxing. Sugaring is the way to go. I’m so glad I found an esthetician who knows so much about the industry and truly cares how my eyebrows look. She is friendly, professional, and extremely skilled. My eyebrows always look amazing when I leave. - Lindsey C.

Thinking about trying sugaring? I say go for it. After just a few appointments with Kayla, sugaring is now the method of hair removal I prefer -- by far. In my experience, it's gentler than waxing, and it left my underarm skin smoother than shaving ever could. Also, Kayla's brow work is fantastic. No one has done mine better. - Carlee A.

I started going to Kayla at the beginning of January (2013) to get my eyebrows and underarms sugared. I will never go back to plucking and shaving ever again! I've always had an incredibly difficult time shaving my underarms, never getting a close shave and always getting razor burn. But with sugaring it takes all the hair out at one time, leaving my underarms perfectly smooth. I also never have to worry about plucking my eyebrows anymore; they're always perfectly shaped and I get complements on them regularly. I would definitely recommend coming to Kayla for sugaring to absolutely everyone! She's amazing! - Hannah S.

I've always had a darker complexion and was always frustrated with shaving and plucking. With my wedding coming up I decided to give sugaring a try through Kayla and I love it! The roots of the hair are almost gone and no shadows are leftover behind the skin like I experienced for many years from shaving. I have significantly slower and less hair growth and I couldn't be more excited! - Kayla C.

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