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About Us

We are a relaxation and results-oriented spa offering corrective luxury facial treatments, customized home care routines, sugaring hair removal, lash lifting and more to the women of Cleveland. We believe that your treatment with us should be an experience, and one that is relaxing and results driven. Our skincare spa was designed to be a calming, cozy space where you will feel welcome, relaxed, taken care of leave feeling uplifted! We are a family owned small business and our spa is located in a 1900's renovated home.

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A Glimpse Into Our Facial Treatments

Consultation and Skin Analysis

Every facial begins with a skin analysis and consultation with your Esthetician to assess what is going on with your skin, talk through your skin goals, products you are currently using, your lifestyle and more. We can help you address skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, mature skin, dry skin, rosacea and more.

Deep Cleansing

Our signature double cleanse will begin the deep cleansing process by removing makeup, environmental pollutants, soften debris in the pores and prepare the skin for treatment.

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Professional Exfoliation

Your Esthetician will customize the exfoliation portion of your facial treatment. This may include a natural enzyme peel, exfoliating acids or dermaplaning if you booked a dermaplaning facial. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, softens debris in the pores, increases cell turnover, fights acne, discoloration and much more.


We love facial massage! Our facial massage will help to loosen tension in the face, increase skin circulation and prep for any extractions.


If you need any extractions your Esthetician will perform deep pore extractions. This means removing any blackheads, whiteheads and debris in the skin. This may be performed using the Estheticians fingers and other modalities. We're picky about our extractions! If you would prefer no extractions, please just let us know.

The Rest  Of The Treatment

Our facials are customized to you, we're giving you a glimpse of what parts of a treatment could look like for you. If you book our New Client Facial it may include LED light treatment, a hydrojelly mask, cryotherapy and more.

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Post Treatment

After your treatment your Esthetician will recommend what treatment plan and home care products are best for your skin and your goals. 80% of your skin goals is achieved by home care. (We don't get to see you everyday!) We will guide you on how to use the professional and results driven products we recommend and when we would like to see you next.

What  Should I Book?

We're the experts, so you don't need to worry about choosing the treatment! Book our "New Client Facial + Consultation" when you book online and we will take the reins from there!

Book An Appointment

If you're ready to book your treatment to get your skin back on track, relax and feel refreshed? We would love the opportunity to earn your business! To request an appointment online, click here. or the button below.

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